Sunday, December 19, 2010

Morality vs Unethicalness

All of us know of friends or familiar faces that have struggled. These struggles are a result of mental, physical, and spiritual wars.  Many of them give up, feeling that they aren't  enough to achieve certain goals; or their solution for providing for themselves and others would be to engage in acts that society views as criminal. To them, this is logical. They are "forced" to do what they don't want to do, to make exactly what they want to happen take place. Some day the "WAR" will be over. N.E.R.D - Provider

The Collapsing Heart...

"I desire to make you happy, specifically about your life and the people that take part in it. For your farther to make a turn around I desire, for your mother to be truly happy I desire, for your family to be truly in sync in all honesty, I desire. These things I wish I had the power to change. No woman should have to suffer infidelity, and no daughter should have to witness unfaithfulness. God understands and they are always there. Not one thing is overlooked by them. Believe...for the greater good...all suffering is considered...and all suffering will be put to an end." - C.Faustin

My Bro BK !

Are you still friends with someone that you've known since you were little? I'm talking about since babysitting or kindergarten. I have one friend like that, he's like a brother to me. This is where I say that line "Blood couldn't make us any closer." because its so very true. Our mothers can't believe that we are still friends because the constant interaction we once had changed when it came to place of residence and which school we attended. Around the time when we were admitted to middle school we barely saw each other, high school rarely for the first two years, then I was off to PA. It was then that we started to communicate consistently again. I was so far away but I always found some way to leave a message on the his house phone for him and the family. Next summer we were back on track just like when we were kids as if the couple years of separation had no effect. As the only child I always wished for a brother. I've realized that I've always had one in him. These past couple of years has been nothing but us being there for each other in many different situations and I'm blessed to have him in my life. We're two very different people but the vibe from when we were kids growing up is still the same today. Most of my favorite childhood memories is with him and all the fun things we ended up doing when I was on his side of town. I remember he was one of the first people I knew to get a PS1 for Christmas, I still had to go home to my Vector Man on Sega lol. He still can't believe I remember some of the things I bring up because they are a lost memory to him until I help him recollect the funny experience. I love this guy, we'll remain brothers because my sons WILL be over his house like "Uncle K, uncle K, tell us another story." He'll be like "Ok ok, so one time there was this chick named Lindsey right, she had a fat..." LoL.  He's getting all diesel on everybody so I nicknamed him Big Keenon lol, my bro BK!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

First Post!

I just left Tumblr to join this blog site. I'm already liking the difference that blogger has to offer. So as I become more familiar with this site expect each post to become more intriguing. Random posts will be made as well as posts about my favorite cartoons, anime, manga, and old school music videos will be a regular due to my "Kid at Heart" personality. For example that picture above is from one of my favorite Anime/Manga "One Piece"!